Event Cleaning Services

Choosing the right professional Event cleaning services provider is a decision that can significantly contribute to the success of a concert, festival or major Event.
Our events team can assist with back of house services from litter pickers, waste management or kitchen porters for event cleaning to turnaround any event to meet deadlines
This vital industry knowledge also allows us to quickly deploy the appropriate number of staff and ensure the most effective methods are used. Whether a small indoor event or a weekend festival for 100,000′s plus persons, it is important that all customer, artist, sponsor and partner areas are clean and hygienic.
24/7 Elite Clean Ltd provide a comprehensive range of event cleaning services.
Our teams have experience cleaning at a wide range of facilites and event venues, from football stadiums to race courses with recent events such as commonwealth games, Olimpics, Music concerts and football games at Hampden stadium.
Event Cleaning at Hampden Stadium by 24-7 Elite Clean
Event Cleaning at Hampden Stadium by 24-7 Elite Clean
We can provide cleaning support for the entire event duration, from setting up and preparing the venue, to clearance afterwards this includes waste management.
We will always send cleaning supervisors and senior staff to oversee the events and liaise with organisers
throughout the event duration.
In most cases our event cleaning team will conduct a preliminary site inspection in conjunction with the event organisers to clearly understand the needs of the event, the duties you require of our cleaners, identify rubbish holding areas and discuss all other
details involved.
We will then provide a quotation, with a description of the tasks that we are to fulfil throughout the event, giving an estimate of the numbers of cleaners required, outlining our management supervision and how we intend to fulfil the event cleaning requirements.
24/7 Elite Clean Ltd can arrange for rubbish to be removed from events and create adequately screened and health and safety compliant rubbish depositing areas.
All site inspections and quotations for all degrees of event cleaning are completely free with no obligation.
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Call 24/7 Elite Clean Ltd on 0333 123 2928 or email us at frank@247eliteclean.co.uk to find out more about our professional event cleaning services.