GreasePak Biological Drain Maintenance System

Environmentally Friendly & Safe

GreasePak Drain Dosing System

Kitchen Drains and Grease maintenance

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Commercial kitchens naturally discharge high levels of (FOGS) fats, oils and greases into the drains. This can result in slow drains and blockages which release bad odours and create unacceptable health and hygiene hazards in the kitchen.

Traditional Solution – Grease traps

Bulky grease traps are expensive to install, can take up valuable space and can be very difficult to clean around, creating further hazards.

Applied Bio-Chemistry – Traditional dosing system solution

Bio-enzymatic treatment is a recognised means of degrading Fats, Oils and Grease (FOGs) deposited into kitchen drains. Traditional dosing systems rely on large bulky drums of chemical positioned on the kitchen floor with a mechanical pump. The large drums take up valuable kitchen floor space, are difficult to clean around and can weigh up to 25kg each, creating potential HACCP issues. Spillages can be extremely difficult to clean up.

Suitable for Commercial Kitchens?

Grease traps need emptying and managing, which rarely happens. Lack of maintenance leaves a foul water reservoir, which becomes odorous and attracts vermin and insects. Cleaning grease traps is a foul job, which can result in kitchen contamination.


GreasePak is a unique, automatic drain dosing system specifically designed to address the drainage problems found in commercial kitchens. Preventing the build-up of Fats, Oils and Grease [FOGs] leaving staff free to run the kitchen.

GreasePak can be installed almost anywhere in the kitchen. GreasePak is a stylish, discreet and easy-toclean, self-contained wall-mounted dosing unit that takes up no floor space and is very simple to install and operate.

  • Simple design, few working parts –trouble free!
  • Bio-fluid refills are easy to store, handleand change
  • Choice of long-life, battery operated unit or mains-powered
  • A cost effective and efficient solution

Helps to keep drains clear of fats, oils and grease (FOGs)Greasepak

Designed to address the drainage problems found in commercial kitchens.

The GreasePak unit doses the drain with a blend of specially selected microorganisms that have been chosen for their ability to degrade fats, oils and grease (FOGs) in low oxygen conditions (such as closed drains) and where pH levels fluctuate.

  • Eco-friendly, uses no harsh chemicals
  • Can work on its own or in conjunction with a grease trap
  • Helps to prevent drains from smelling

An effective, environmentally friendly commercial solution

GreasePak bio-fluid is an environmentally friendly Class 1 biodegradable product that degrades FOGs into smaller, simpler molecules that cannot reform or solidify. These degraded products are then further digested by the bacterial population or are quickly washed away.

  • Helps satisfy legislation and building regulations by providing an effective means of grease removal
  • Only bioremediation system to be BBA-approved

 Compact automatic dosing system


  • Battery operated or mains powered models available
  • Easy to install and operate with no water connection required
  • Affordable, easy to manage and easy to clean with built in alarm to remind you to replace fluid
  • Meets Building Regulations for an effective means of grease removal
  • Use alone or in conjunction with a grease traps
  • Most powerful, multi-strain,bio-fluid of its type -degrades FOGs into simple molecules that cannot reform or solidify
  • Bio-fluid is 100% natural and safe
  • Reduce the need for grease trap cleaning by over 50% – saving money!
  • Reduce the chance of attracting vermin and pests
  • Environmentally responsible GP-DMI-STD-2

REGULATIONS UK Building Regulations 2000, amended in April 2002, state that: H1: Foul Water Drainage 2.21 Drainage serving kitchens in commercial hot food premises should be fitted with a grease separator complying with prEN 1825-1 and designed in accordance with prEN 1825-2 or other effective means of grease removal.

GreasePak Accreditations

  • CE-certified
  • Manufactured to ISO 9001-2008 standards
  • BBA-approved, certificate 11/4827

Grease Pak

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