Kitchen Extraction System Cleaning

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Canopy & Extraction System Cleaning

A fire waiting to happen?

Kitchen Extract System Cleaning

Whatever your catering services we aim to offer education and practices that can enable your compliance with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, This has been updated to ensure all premises which require an operational maintenance plan for the reasons of fire prevention have one in place.

The Building & Engineering Services Association (B&ES) has warned that too many building owners are ignorant of the fire risks posed by kitchen extraction ductwork and their legal responsibility to reduce the risk of fire in their premises. It is vital to ensure that kitchen extract ductwork is subject to regular safety checks and cleaning.

A risk too far

“..The overwhelmingly important factor is inadequate cleaning of ductwork” – M. Newton, Royal & Sun Alliance.

There is a realization that maintained extraction systems are now required to reduce risk, offset liability, improve H & S and customer satisfaction. The grease in the duct acts as a fuse, quickly igniting and following the duct route which may make it difficult & dangerous for the fire fighters to access.

Extraction system cleaning
A System Fan Explored
Duct Cleaning Service
Ducting Inside System Explored

The majority of kitchen fires begin with cooking equipment that flare into the extract system.. fire spreads quickly through the duct making it difficult & dangerous for the fire-fighters to access. Ignoring serious hazards discovered during a fire risk assessment will become an offence.

Sweeping changes have been made under the Regularity Reform (fire safety)

Order 2004 For more information of fire safety please visit this website :-

Kitchen Cleaning Service

Ductwork, Pre & Post Clean

Kitchen extract cleaning is a fundamentally difficult & dirty job.

After a deep clean we will provide a “Certificate Of Cleanliness” with a written & photographic report providing evidence that the fire risk has been dealt with. Not only is this vital evidence of compliance with legislation but can also be used to demonstrate to the insurers that the terms of the fire insurance policy are being met.

The majority of kitchen fires begin with cooking equipment that flare into the kitchen extraction system.

kitchen duct cleaning
Regular maintenance / cleaning of any kitchen extraction system is one of the First lines of defence against fire hazards.

Ductwork, Pre & Post Clean

Mechanical efficiency is compromised when an extraction system is laden in grease. By keeping the kitchen extraction system clean & in good working order, you will also keep smoke & fumes flowing out of the building more effectively to produce a cleaner, cooler kitchen & therefore a better working environment for your staff and customers and less costs for equipment maintenance.

Our philosophy is one of striving to provide the highest standards of quality and service to our clients, whilst ensuring a strict adherence to health & safety requirements. Prior to the commencement of any project, a full risk assessment is undertaken along with the production of a comprehensive method statement.

Access into the ductwork, Pre & Post cleaned

If you cannot see or access the interior of the ductwork..odds are that it has not been cleaned. What caterers demand is a reliable, specialist contractor to install the access that is needed & clean the ductwork properly to Good Practice & Safety Standards. Our service is tested by our customer service department & independent auditor to insure continued customer satisfaction

We take our responsibilities seriously & recognize the potential consequences of unprofessional cleaning. Take a look at the new government legislation by clicking here.

What We Offer

We offer a full extraction system clean as stipulated in the Section 7 TR/19, this allows you scope to be authorised from insurers in order to ensure your businesses function.

We offer our clients the following services

  • Full Kitchen Canopy Clean
  • Removal & Clean of All Filters
  • Replace & Fit Filters
  • Clean all associated ductwork (where accessible)
  • Remove & Clean System Fan
  • Access Door Installation (where required)
  • Provide Full Report on site
  • Provide Certification (Safety & Insurance Purposes)
  • Aim to provide piece of mind the whole year round

tr19-tableOur aim is always to highlight the issues on site to our clients and ensure that our clients are aware of the implications of what is required in an effective maintenance plan to make sure the absolute reduction of risk is kept at the core of everything that we strive to achieve.

All sites we manage are recorded through means of data capturing and evidenced through before and after pictures of works undertaken on site inclusive of wet film thickness gauge measurements, this provides our client with a tangible document to use when dealing with not only insurers but one’s own piece of mind.

Pre & Post Clean Report provided to all sites for safety and Peace of mind
Pre & Post Clean Report provided to all sites for safety and Peace of mind

As we ensure that all of our clients safety is placed to the top of our list in dealings it is important to understand that a simple clean of the system does not reduce the risk of fire on site it does however leave area’s which could be classed as safety concern’s which is why we always inform all of our clients that the only truly effective way to manage a system is to clean the entire system.

Our trustworthy and reliable staff are all fully trained to the highest standards providing a professional service, whilst offering you that personal touch. Regular contact, reviews, quality audits and a Service Level Agreement, ensures your complete satisfaction whilst building a good quality working relationship with our clients.

All work is completed according to B&ES publication: Guide to Good Practice – Internal Cleanliness of Ventilation Systems (TR/19) 2005 with reference to Section 7 which deals with the reduction of risk of fire in kitchen extraction systems.

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